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Jul 16 2013

  Bathrooms and Kitchens are where we tend to spend the most dollars in any renovation. First thing to keep in mind is Budget. I tell my clients to think of an amount double it and add 20% if you don’t faint then proceed. Some tips to make your renovation go smoothly are as... [ read more ]

Nov 16 2012

Hi there- When applying for a mortgage, typically it's necessary to fill out an application, during which process we factor in all of your debts in order to ascertain your debt-to-income ratio.  The types of debt that are taken into account are, for example, loans, car payments,... [ read more ]

Nov 16 2012

  Now that fall is here and we are spending more time in our homes, we start looking around to see what projects we can address. Kitchens seem to be the first place we look.  If you want to do a refresh of your kitchen here are a couple of ideas that might help.... [ read more ]

Oct 19 2012

You are right !! There is such a variety that it can be an overwhelming process.  Here are a few options to think about.  Granite is a natural surface and is beautiful on its own.  I does need to be sealed at least once a year depending on the amount of usage it is getting. ... [ read more ]

Oct 5 2012

  A:  With the cooler weather upon us, it’s time to get out the feather beds and duvets. It’s important to take care of these items as they can be a pricy investment. Here are a few tips that I can pass on. • Purchase pillow protectors. This will help protect... [ read more ]

Jul 13 2012

That's a great question. The Federal Home Buyers Plan allows first time home buyers to withdraw up to $25,000 from their RRSP for the purpose of buying or building a qualifying home. The primary benefits are that the RRSP redemption will not be subject to withholding tax, nor will it be... [ read more ]

Jul 4 2012

How do you get paid?

Posted by Elaine to Cory Browzozwski Views (1974)

We are paid on a commission basis from the company we refer your business to. [ read more ]

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